EPE214 Accelerate to the Finish: increasing sustainable financing for HIV responses in Asia-Pacific to achieve the 2030 targetsE-posterFinancing HIV within UHC frameworks
EPC298 Accelerated declines in HIV incidence and flattening prevalence trends with scale-up of combination HIV prevention in a Ugandan adult population cohort, 1989-2021E-posterCombination prevention strategies
EPE048 Accelerating HIV epidemic control in Benue State, Nigeria, 2019-2021: the APIN program experienceE-posterImplementation science of scaling up HIV treatment
EPF143 Accelerating the efforts to end HIV in the United States: the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' prioritiesE-posterPolicies addressing social and economic determinants of vulnerability
EPD237 Accelerating Viral Load Suppression among HIV positive children using a pairing approach in South Western UgandaE-posterCommunity-based approaches (including empowerment, outreach and service delivery)
EPE415 Acceleration ofthe implementation of differentiated ART delivery services in the advent of COVID-19 in ZambiaE-posterImpact of COVID-19 on HIV treatment services
EPE032 Acceptability and cost-effectiveness of blood sample transport by drone for HIV-testing of infants exposed to HIV in the city of Conakry, Guinea (ANRS 12407 AIRPOP)E-posterImplementation science of scaling up HIV testing
EPD477 Acceptability and feasibility of a peer-support program for HIV-positive women in Gaza, Mozambique: a qualitative analysisE-posterPeer support: Lessons learned, access to services and health outcomes
EPC366 Acceptability and feasibility of HIV self-testing among street adolescents in Togo in 2021E-posterHIV self-testing
EPB227 Acceptability and uptake of self-sampling for etiological diagnosis of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among transgender women in BrazilE-posterClinical issues in transgender people
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