EPE022 Using health care providers' perspectives to refine a clinical decision support implementation strategy for increasing the adoption of PrEP provision in Alabama clinicsE-posterImplementation science of scaling up prevention (including PrEP)
EPE261 Using demand creation strategies to increase access to differentiated models of careE-posterApproaches to supporting resilient health systems
EPE344 Using Activity-Based Costing and Management to Better Understand HIV Disease Control Costs in East AfricaE-posterInnovative uses of data to strengthen systems and programmes
EPD218 Using a two-stage crowdsourcing open call and Designathon to develop interventions for HIV partner services among men who have sex with men in ChinaE-posterCommunity-based approaches (including empowerment, outreach and service delivery)
EPD002 Using a three-layered approach to understand the needs for effective community engagement in HIV biomedical research in India ' Perspectives from community representatives, implementing researchers and domain expertsE-posterCommunity engagement in research and research dissemination
PESAE10 Using a robust approach to rapidly scale up integration of cervical cancer screening and treatment of pre-cancerous lesions in HIV clinicsPoster exhibitionScaling up access to models of integrated services (HIV, hepatitis, STI and other services, such as harm reduction, SRHR, gender affirming care, TB, NCDs and mental health)
EPC114 Use of the recent infection testing algorithm to estimate background HIV incidence in micro-epidemic areas within UgandaE-posterDetermining the incidence of HIV
EPB136 Use of the Patient Generated Index to identify physical health challenges among people living with HIVE-posterOther issues related to aging with HIV
EPE435 Use of telehealth in the delivery of HIV services in rural America during COVID-19 PandemicE-posterOptimizing HIV services (prevention, testing and/or treatment) in the COVID-19 era
EPD197 Use of modern social media to improve tracking and addressing stock-outs by community-based organisationsE-posterCommunity mobilization and demand creation
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