PEMOB35 Addressing sexual health in trans masculinities: lessons learned from TransCITAR transgender cohort study in ArgentinaPoster exhibitionClinical issues in transgender people
EPD368 Addressing the migrant gap: maternal healthcare perspectives on utilizing prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTCT) services during the COVID-19 pandemic, South AfricaE-posterMigration and HIV
PESUD33 Addressing the unique needs of learners living with HIV in the education settingPoster exhibitionInterventions to reduce stigma and discrimination
EPB019 Adherence and resistance to ART among postpartum women with HIV in KwaZulu-Natal, South AfricaE-posterViral load and CD4 monitoring
EPC025 Adherence to antiretroviral therapy bymedication possession ratio and virological suppression among adolescents and young adults living with HIV on in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: a retrospective cohort studyE-posterEpidemiology of HIV in adolescents
EPC299 Adherence to HIV treatment and prevention among a young Black and Latinx sexual minority men and transgender women cohort in the United States: PUSH study 2017-2021E-posterCombination prevention strategies
EPD363 Adherence to two HIV programs in a conflict-affected setting: lessons learnt from CARE-posterHumanitarian crises and HIV
PEMOC38 Adherence with antiretroviral therapy among recently pregnant HIV-positive women in 8 African countriesPoster exhibitionMeasuring and enhancing retention and adherence in HIV prevention programmes
EPC173 Adherence, safety, and feasibility of HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis among adolescent men who have sex with men and transgender women in BrazilE-posterDemonstration and pilot projects for prevention (including PrEP, PEP, male circumcision)
PESUA14 Administration of the broadly neutralizing, CD4-binding site targeting antibody VRC07-523LS in dual- and triple-antibody combinations with 10-1074, PGT121, and/or PGDM1400: impact on pharmacokinetics compared to VRC07-523LS administration alonePoster exhibitionHumoral immunity (including broadly neutralizing antibodies), Antibodies and B cells
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