EPD428 Adolescent girls and young women's experiences with disclosing oral or vaginal PrEP use: a multi-country analysisE-posterAdolescents, sexuality and relationships
EPD232 Adolescents and young people's experiences with HIV testing and linkage to care: findings from the Yathu Yathu study in two communities, in Lusaka, ZambiaE-posterCommunity-based approaches (including empowerment, outreach and service delivery)
EPD017 Adolescents living with HIV from multiple countries being lead-partners in the co-production of research information and findings across global clinical trialsE-posterKnowledge translation and dissemination of research and programme outcomes
EPB030 Adopting a Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) platform as a real-time performance tracker for improving HIV care and treatment outcomes in BotswanaE-posterBiomarkers for the prediction of morbidity and mortality
EPB148 Advanced HIV infection in the US: immune response to ART initiationE-posterART in acute, first- and second-line therapies
EPD391 Advancing community engaged research methods: experiences of MSM community in a novel HIV stigma study in ChinaE-posterSocietal stigma towards people living with HIV and key populations
EPLBF07 Advancing HIV prevention research in pregnant and breastfeeding populations (PBFP): priority advocacy objectives and next stepsE-posterInclusion considerations for research and development and other trials
EPE097 Advancing integration of cervical cancer screening and treatment in faith-based health facilities in UgandaE-posterScaling up access to models of integrated services (HIV, hepatitis, STI and other services, such as harm reduction, SRHR, gender affirming care, TB, NCDs and mental health)
EPE358 Advancing LGBTQI+ Health in India: evidence,and research and policy/program priorities from the 'Second National Symposium on LGBTQI+ Health'E-posterApproaches to using data to improve programming
EPC346 Advancing peer-driven social network testing (SNT) and index testing to maximize reach of HIV testing services (HTS) among men who have sex with men (MSM) and their contacts in UkraineE-posterPeer-led HIV testing strategies
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