EPC289 The first study of psychoactive substance use and drug checking practices among participants of electronic dance music Events in UkraineE-posterAccess to harm reduction interventions
EPC290 Digitally facilitated harm reduction intervention for experimenting and recreational users of psychoactive substances in Ukraine serves 1437 unique clients in 7 monthsE-posterAccess to harm reduction interventions
EPC291 South to south learning between Uganda and Kenya to scale up access to Medically Assisted Therapy services for people who inject drugsE-posterAccess to harm reduction interventions
EPC292 ChemSex risk management: a global sexual health approach through a single entry point of care in Hospital St Louis' Infectious Diseases Unit in ParisE-posterAccess to harm reduction interventions
EPC293 Outcomes of neonates born to mothers on opioid substitution therapy (OST) with Methadone in KenyaE-posterAccess to harm reduction interventions
EPC294 First harm reduction intervention among MSM who use Psychoactive Substances (PAS) to modify their sexual experiences (practice Chemsex) in UkraineE-posterAccess to harm reduction interventions
EPC295 Remotely support the chemsexers: the french experience of association AIDES'E-posterAccess to harm reduction interventions
PEMOC35 Effect of combination Needle and Syringe Program and Opioid Agonist Therapy on HIV and hepatitis C virus acquisition among people who inject drugs: a comparison between Amsterdam, Melbourne and VancouverPoster exhibitionAccess to harm reduction interventions
OAF0302 Missing: meaningful trans inclusion in HIV national strategic plans in Eastern and Southern AfricaOral abstract session with live Q&AAccountability on the HIV response
OAF0303 Disability inclusion in the national response to HIV/AIDS in Nigeria: an analysis of the national strategic plan and frameworkOral abstract session with live Q&AAccountability on the HIV response
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