EPA011 Immune preservation in HIV+ Viremic Non-Progressors is associated with downregulation of type-I IFN pathway and reduced activation of cytotoxic compartmentsE-posterSystemic immune activation and inflammation
EPA012 Impact of early ART initiation on the dynamics of regulatory CD8 T-cells in acute HIV infectionE-posterSystemic immune activation and inflammation
EPA013 Recreational marijuana normalizes genes and pathways perturbed by tobacco alone or in combination with marijuana in virally suppressed youth with HIVE-posterSystemic immune activation and inflammation
EPA014 Plasma extracellular vesicles and cell-free mitochondrial DNA are associated with cognitive dysfunction in treated older adults with HIVE-posterSystemic immune activation and inflammation
EPA015 People living with HIV have higher endothelial colony-forming cell frequencies: characterisation of patient-derived vascular endotheliumE-posterSystemic immune activation and inflammation
EPA016 IL-32γ induces the expression of a heart-homing signature on a subset of memory CD4 T-cells with increased permissiveness to HIV-1 infection: a potential role in cardiovascular diseaseE-posterSystemic immune activation and inflammation
EPA018 Alterations in B lymphocyte subsets in virologically suppressed HIV-positive individuals did not impact 17DD yellow fever vaccine immunogenicity ' ANRS 12403E-posterSystemic immune activation and inflammation
EPA020 Penile barrier integrity and a mechanistic search for the effectiveness of medical male circumcision in preventing HIV acquisitionE-posterCorrelates of HIV susceptibility, and progression versus control (biomarkers and genetics)
EPA021 HIV-1 subtype C Vif transmitted/founder (T/F) variants preferentially degrade APOBEC3G over APOBEC3FE-posterInnate immunity (including NK cells)
EPA022 Impact of chronic HIV infection on NK cell response through the HLA-E/NKG2x axisE-posterInnate immunity (including NK cells)
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