EPD150 HIV- and prevention-related knowledge and beliefs, HIV testing, and condom use in a school-based sample of 6,000 Rwandan adolescentsE-posterYoung key populations
EPD151 Trajectories of depressive symptoms and HIV-related sexual behaviors among adolescent girls and young women in Rural South Africa (HPTN 068)E-posterYoung key populations
EPD152 Adverse childhood experiences and resilience among youth living with HIV in the Deep South of the United StatesE-posterYoung key populations
EPD153 "The change was too sudden": Experiences of transition to adult care for adolescents living with HIV in North-Central and North-Western NigeriaE-posterYoung key populations
EPD154 High rates of co-occurring substance use: a key missed opportunity in young Black Latinx sexual minority men and transgender women living in the USE-posterYoung key populations
EPD155 Next generation HIV stigma: young people's perceptions of PLWHIV in contemporary South AfricaE-posterYoung key populations
EPD156 The importance of psychosocial resources in positive adaptation to challenging situations among adolescents living with a perinatal HIV infection in Kwazulu-Natal, South AfricaE-posterYoung key populations
EPD157 A new approach to achieving HIV prevention outcomes for AGYW: progressing the journey to relationship goalsE-posterYoung key populations
EPD158 Effects of quality of caregiver-adolescent relationship on HIV, HSV-2 and on pregnancy incidence among young women in rural South Africa enrolled in HPTN 068E-posterYoung key populations
EPD159 Economic empowerment and adherence to antiretroviral therapy improve the quality-of-life and school-life satisfaction among adolescents living with HIV in UgandaE-posterYoung key populations
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