EPA037 MVA/Protein HIV-1 vaccine protects against heterologous SHIV infection by modulating IgG glycosylation and T helper response in macaquesE-posterNovel vectors, adjuvants and strategies
EPA036 Interplay between the lung microbiome, pulmonary immunity and HIV reservoirs in people living with HIVE-posterMucosal immunity
EPA035 HIV clade C gp140-SIV-Gag/Nef protein vaccine adjuvanted with NE/AS01B enhanced antibody-mediated effector function and reduced viral loads in SHIV-infected macaquesE-posterMucosal immunity
EPA034 Characterization of tissue-resident CD8 T-cells in the pulmonary mucosa of people living with HIV on long-term ARTE-posterMucosal immunity
EPA033 Persistent dysregulation of Vδ1 T lymphocytes in ART-suppressed people living with HIVE-posterCellular immunity; T cell vaccines
EPA032 Virtual memory CD8+ T-cells exhibit highly cytotoxic profiles in people with HIV, and are expanded by N-803E-posterCellular immunity; T cell vaccines
EPA031 Pomalidomide drives expansion of HIV-specific CD8+ T cells and enhances NK cell cytotoxicity to augment anti-HIV immunityE-posterCellular immunity; T cell vaccines
EPA030 HIV-1-specific T-cells in an HIV-1-infected but HIV-1 antibody negative patient on long-term antiretroviral therapyE-posterCellular immunity; T cell vaccines
EPA029 BNT162b2 vaccine elicits impaired B cell and CD8 T cell responses combined with skewed CD4 T responses in patients receiving hemodialysisE-posterCellular immunity; T cell vaccines
EPA028 Metabolic gene profiling of activated, terminally differentiated effector memory and exhausted CD8+ T cells in people living with HIVE-posterCellular immunity; T cell vaccines
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