EPLBC04 Transgender women (TGW) in HPTN 083: an evaluation of safety, efficacy, and gender affirming hormonal therapy (GAHT) interactions with long-acting cabotegravir (CAB-LA)E-posterOther new HIV prevention tools
EPLBC05 Phase 3B, randomized, open-label, safety study of dapivirine vaginal ring and oral emtricitabine 200mg/tenofovir disoproxil fumarate 300 mg tablet in breastfeeding mother-infant pairsE-posterOther new HIV prevention tools
EPLBC06 iSTAMP: Implementation of HIV self-testing among Black and Hispanic MSM recruited online in 11 States, 2020-2021E-posterHIV self-testing
EPLBC07 Number of pregnancies and its impact on adherence to ART during pregnancy in women living with HIV, followed up in 2020 in a specialized health center in São Paulo, BrazilE-posterStrategies to improve re-engagement
EPLBC08 Population trends in HIV service delivery, viral suppression, and incidence before and during the COVID-19 era in Rakai, UgandaE-posterEffects of the COVID-19 on HIV epidemiology and prevention
EPLBC09 Effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines in people living with HIV in British Columbia: a test negative designE-posterEpidemiology of COVID-19 among persons living with HIV and / or including tuberculosis
EPLBC10 Using lessons learnt from the implementation of HIV self-testing in decentralized community settings to increase the uptake for community-based COVID-19 Antigen testing in Johannesburg, South AfricaE-posterCOVID-19 testing
EPLBD01 HIV status disclosure and related factors among children aged 6-14 years living with HIV in Kilimanjaro region, TanzaniaE-posterYoung key populations
EPLBD02 Risky business: gender, sexual risk behaviors and vulnerability to HIV infection among South African youthE-posterYoung key populations
EPLBD03 Socio-structural challenges and solutions to PrEP in rural communities: patient and provider perspectivesE-posterConceptualizing social and structural factors and their impacts
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