EPC283 Who prefers what? Correlates of preferences for next-generation HIV prevention products among a national U.S. sample of young MSME-posterSexuality, gender and prevention technologies (including condoms, treatment as prevention, medical male circumcision, pre-exposure prophylaxis)
EPC470 'Why do you want to kill me again? Isn't HIV enough?' Acceptability and factors influencing uptake of COVID-19 vaccines among persons living with HIV in three districts in UgandaE-posterCOVID-19 prevention
EPC383 Why does secondary distribution happen? A social network modeling study in HIV self-testing among Chinese MSME-posterHIV self-testing
EPE231 Will treatment access advocacy still be funded in the future? An analysis of funding landscape and current challengesE-posterApproaches to achieving sustainability, including sustainable financing for civil society
EPF025 Will voluntary licenses save the world? Impact of voluntary mechanisms on the economy, the policies and the politics of access to medicinesE-posterLaws and policies regulating access to drugs and medical devices (including intellectual property and trade regimes, competition law and price regulation)
EPC191 Willingness and preferences for long-acting injectable PrEP among US men who have sex with menE-posterScale up of PrEP
EPC270 Willingness to use Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV Prevention among Women Who Inject Drugs in Lagos, NigeriaE-posterHIV prevention services for key populations
PESUC24 Willingness to use PrEP among gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men in five Asian countries: results of the Asia Pacific MSM internet surveyPoster exhibitionDemand creation for PrEP use
EPD382 Women empowerment to enhance access SRMNCAH service in the in humanitarian setting. Lessons learnt by International Community of Women Living with HIV Eastern Africa ( ICWEA) from Northern UgandaE-posterSexual- and/or gender-based violence and exploitation (including in conflict settings)
EPB100 Women with HIV are at higher risk for obstructive lung disease in Kampala, Uganda after pulmonary tuberculosisE-posterOther non-communicable diseases
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