PESUE28 Digital Interventions through an online community portal to engage historically hard-to-reach populations of same-sex attracted men living in a heterosexual relationship or lifestylePoster exhibitionSystems serving underserved populations
PESUE29 Finding local models for comprehensive HIV/AIDS management in closed settings: documenting the experience of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) in Cebu City, PhilippinesPoster exhibitionSystems serving underserved populations
PESUE30 Expedited development and registration resulting in successful uptake of generic, pediatric dolutegravir products for low- and middle-income countries through an innovative public-private partnershipPoster exhibitionPublic-private partnerships
PESUE31 Sexual, physical, economic and emotional violence faced by women and adolescent girls living with HIV and at high risk of HIV in South Africa and Nigeria in time of COVID-19Poster exhibitionDelivering gender-transformative programmes and tackling violence against women and girls: Programmatic lessons
PESUF13 Sex workers educating sex workers, and its online school: LXS expertXSPoster exhibitionAccess to education
PESUF14 Community-based assessment on criminalization costs in the Central and Eastern Europe, and Central Asia regionPoster exhibitionCriminalization, incarceration and living in closed settings
PESUF15 Experiences with criminal justice system and HIV/Hepatitis C testing among people who inject drugs (PWID) in Selangor, MalaysiaPoster exhibitionLaw enforcement and public health
PESUF16 Does travel time matter? Transportation vulnerability and access to HIV care among people living with HIV in South CarolinaPoster exhibitionAccess to appropriate healthcare services (including for co-infections and co-morbidities)
PESUF17 Digital health and rights of young adults living with HIV and young key populations in Ghana, Kenya and Vietnam: a participatory action research studyPoster exhibitionAccess to appropriate healthcare services (including for co-infections and co-morbidities)
PESUF19 Association between LGBTI+ health equity and achieving UNAIDS 2030 targets: findings from a global study of fast-track citiesPoster exhibitionHuman rights of people living with HIV and key populations
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