PESUC21 Life years gained with improved HIV care among non-Hispanic Black and White people who have ever injected drugs (PWID) with HIV: a modeling studyPoster exhibitionModelling the impact of service models on the HIV epidemic
PESUC20 Projection of age of people living with HIV and time since ART initiation in high-income countries in 2030: estimates for FrancePoster exhibitionModelling future healthcare needs
PESUC19 Assessing levels of provincial HIV virological suppression in the public health sector in South Africa during the COVID-19 pandemicPoster exhibitionMonitoring and evaluation of health systems along the HIV cascade
PESUC18 Disproportionate HIV burden among key populations in sub-Saharan Africa: national estimates of population size, HIV prevalence, and ART coveragePoster exhibitionSurveillance of HIV in key populations
PESUB26 The first-in-human clinical trial of STP0404, a novel potent HIV-1 allosteric integrase inhibitorPoster exhibitionPharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics/pharmacogenomics and therapeutic drug monitoring
PESUB25 Bridging the gap between patient perceptions and delivered care among people living with HIV in the Asian regionPoster exhibitionAdherence
PESUB24 A study evaluating the safety, tolerability, and pharmacokinetics of a high-concentration (CAB 400mg/ml) cabotegravir long-acting injectable formulation following subcutaneous and intramuscular administration in healthy adult participantsPoster exhibitionLong-acting agents and other drug delivery systems (e.g., injectables, implants, dual therapies, microneedle patches)
PESUB23 Simulations for once weekly dosing of oral lenacapavirPoster exhibitionPharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics/pharmacogenomics and therapeutic drug monitoring
PESUB22 Pharmacokinetics of a simplified subcutaneous lenacapavir regimen versus Phase 2/3 regimenPoster exhibitionPharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics/pharmacogenomics and therapeutic drug monitoring
PESUB21 Efficacy and safety of switching to Dolutegravir/Lamivudine (DTG/3TC) in treatment-experienced, virologically suppressed PLHIV aged '¥50 years: pooled results from the TANGO and SALSA StudiesPoster exhibitionRegimen simplification and switch studies
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