EPE305 Client satisfaction with antiretroviral treatment services in public health facilities south Ethiopia: institution based cross-sectional studyE-posterSystems serving underserved populations
EPE306 Lost to HIV care in the context of deep-rooted inequities in Winnipeg, MB, CanadaE-posterSystems serving underserved populations
EPE307 Cracking the access rock: GIS hotspot and priority population mapping to enhance targeted condom last mile distribution and accountability in UgandaE-posterSystems serving underserved populations
EPE308 A comprehensive package of HIV interventions for transgender people in the post-soviet regionE-posterSystems serving underserved populations
PESUE28 Digital Interventions through an online community portal to engage historically hard-to-reach populations of same-sex attracted men living in a heterosexual relationship or lifestylePoster exhibitionSystems serving underserved populations
PESUE29 Finding local models for comprehensive HIV/AIDS management in closed settings: documenting the experience of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) in Cebu City, PhilippinesPoster exhibitionSystems serving underserved populations
EPE310 Experiences of people living with both HIV and diabetes trying to access essential medications and care: a scoping reviewE-posterSystems to deliver effective, long-term chronic care
EPE311 A pharmacy intervention programme for ART adherence considering UNAIDS targets in the interior provinces of Argentina: long term sustainability including COVID-19 pandemic contextE-posterSystems to deliver effective, long-term chronic care
EPE312 Acute Respiratory Infection Incidence and outpatient antibiotic prescription patterns in people living with or without HIV infection: a virtual cohort studyE-posterSystems to deliver effective, long-term chronic care
EPE313 From heuristics to an evidence-based approach: allocating health workers for clinical services in MozambiqueE-posterSystems to deliver effective, long-term chronic care
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