EPE208 Resource estimation tool used to develop, monitor, and coordinate sustainable, integrated national and provincial sustainable HIV program financing in VietnamE-posterTransitional financing
EPE209 Strategies for the transition to sustainable public funding of HIV services in the EECA regionE-posterTransitional financing
EPE210 Information technology as an assistant in monitoring progress on transition, sustainability and co-financing of HIV in the countries of the EECA regionE-posterTransitional financing
EPB032 Integrating 3HP-based tuberculosis preventive treatment (TPT) into Zimbabwe's fast track HIV model: aligning TPT and HIV visits, multi-month dispensing, and telephone follow-up were feasible and acceptableE-posterTuberculosis: Prevention, diagnosis, treatment
EPB033 Tolerability of Isoniazid and 3HP among opioid dependent people in a Malaysian prisonE-posterTuberculosis: Prevention, diagnosis, treatment
EPB034 Incidence and risk factors for liver enzyme elevation in HIV-1 infected patients treated for tuberculosis: a secondary analysis of the multi-country ANRS 12300 REFLATE TB2 trialE-posterTuberculosis: Prevention, diagnosis, treatment
EPB035 Early culture conversion among people with HIV and drug resistant tuberculosis in UgandaE-posterTuberculosis: Prevention, diagnosis, treatment
EPB036 Evaluating two tuberculosis preventive therapy treatment modalities in an HIV treatment program: 3HP versus 6HE-posterTuberculosis: Prevention, diagnosis, treatment
EPB037 Traditional healers are 'part & parcel' on fight against TB'. Lesson learnt, Ruvuma region, TanzaniaE-posterTuberculosis: Prevention, diagnosis, treatment
EPB038 Integration of TB-LAM and Xpert MTB/RIF (Xpert) testing to improve TB case detection and shorten time to treatment initiation among People Living with HIV (PLHIV) in Harare City, ZimbabweE-posterTuberculosis: Prevention, diagnosis, treatment
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