EPB015 Effectiveness of Dried Blood Spot in achieving optimal viral load coverage for Key Populations in hard-to-reach areas of North-East NigeriaE-posterViral load and CD4 monitoring
EPB016 Improved HIV viral load suppression among Tanzanian children attending caregiver support groupsE-posterViral load and CD4 monitoring
EPB017 Near point-of-care HIV viral load testing: an essential tool to combat HIV/AIDS in MyanmarE-posterViral load and CD4 monitoring
EPB018 Evaluation of low-level viraemia detection across three automated HIVVL assays in Johannesburg, South AfricaE-posterViral load and CD4 monitoring
EPB019 Adherence and resistance to ART among postpartum women with HIV in KwaZulu-Natal, South AfricaE-posterViral load and CD4 monitoring
EPB020 Know your numbers: a catalyst to improve viral load coverage in Western Region of GhanaE-posterViral load and CD4 monitoring
EPB021 Pilot of HIV viral load testing using plasma samples in poor resources settings in Malawi: challenges and lessons learnedE-posterViral load and CD4 monitoring
EPLBB09 Risk factors and prognoses for low-level HIV-1 viremia: a long-time observational studyE-posterViral load and CD4 monitoring
OALBB0105 Incident tuberculosis as a risk factor for viral non-suppression 48 weeks among patients switched to dolutegravir based therapy with recycled nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors in Lusaka, ZambiaOral abstract session with live Q&AViral load and CD4 monitoring
PESAB04 Comparison of Advanced HIV Disease identification using CD4 results from a semi-quantitative CD4 point of care test and CD4 flow cytometry in NigeriaPoster exhibitionViral load and CD4 monitoring
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