EPC138 Estimating National and sub-National population size of men who have sex with men in MexicoE-posterAdvances in public health surveillance and new approaches
EPC139 Phylodynamic structure of the Botswana HIV epidemicE-posterAdvances in public health surveillance and new approaches
EPC140 Programmatic non-retention in prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) programs: estimated rates and cofactors using different measuresE-posterAdvances in public health surveillance and new approaches
OAC0104 A rapid, integrated method to monitor HIV viral load, drug resistance, and transmission patterns from finger-prick blood samplesOral abstract session with live Q&AAdvances in public health surveillance and new approaches
EPD449 Ageing well with HIV: Factors associated with improved quality of life for people living with HIV aged 50 years and over in AustraliaE-posterAgeing with HIV
EPD450 The effects of aerobic exercise on flow-mediated vasodilation among older persons with HIVE-posterAgeing with HIV
EPD451 Improving access to ART& psychosocial support to reduce interruption of treatment among the Elderly with HIV in the highlands of South Western Uganda: lessons from Save and Heal Uganda (SAHU)E-posterAgeing with HIV
EPD452 Community input to develop an online platform for older adults aging with HIV: preliminary results from potential users in three U.S. citiesE-posterAgeing with HIV
EPD453 Childhood sexual trauma and opioid use among older adults living with HIVE-posterAgeing with HIV
EPF034 Strengthening the Government of Vietnam's ARV supply chain management as they transition to sustainable HIV financing: lessons for HIV integrationE-posterAntiretroviral procurement and supply chain management
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