EPD428 Adolescent girls and young women's experiences with disclosing oral or vaginal PrEP use: a multi-country analysisE-posterAdolescents, sexuality and relationships
EPD429 'It's a 50/50 thing you know': exploring the multileveled intersections of gender and power within the relationships of young South African men and womenE-posterAdolescents, sexuality and relationships
EPD430 Harnessing the strength of the family to send young mothers back to school; the case for the re-entry policy in ZambiaE-posterAdolescents, sexuality and relationships
EPD431 Reducing unintended pregnancies among in-school adolescents and young women through comprehensive sexuality education linked to accessible sexual and reproductive health servicesE-posterAdolescents, sexuality and relationships
EPLBD04 Gender differences in sexual experience and condom use among in-school adolescents: a multi-country study using the global school-based health surveyE-posterAdolescents, sexuality and relationships
EPB022 Molecular epidemiologic characteristics of HIV-1 cases diagnosed in Mongolia between 1997 and 2016E-posterAdherence testing
PESAB03 High accuracy of an enzyme-linked immunoasssay for detection of tenofovir alafenamide: implications for point-of-care antiretroviral adherence monitoringPoster exhibitionAdherence testing
EPB210 Factors associated with non-adherence among children on antiretroviral therapy in Akwa Ibom, NigeriaE-posterAdherence in paediatric and adolescent populations
EPB211 Feasibility and acceptability of video-assisted directly observed therapy for high-risk youth living with HIVE-posterAdherence in paediatric and adolescent populations
EPB212 Facilitators and barriers to delivery of dispensing messages to caregivers of children living with HIV at four HIV care centres in Kampala: a qualitative studyE-posterAdherence in paediatric and adolescent populations
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