EPD165 Prevalence of mental health distress among recently diagnosed HIV-positive South African youth in the Standing Tall randomized controlled trial cohortE-posterYoung key populations
EPD166 The road to reach marginalized adolescent girls and young women with SRH/HIV services in Nairobi Kenya - responded driven samplingE-posterYoung key populations
EPD167 Adapting tablet-based neuropsychological tests for luo-speaking adolescents and young adults with perinatally acquired HIV in Uganda: the translation process for two languagesE-posterYoung key populations
EPD168 Engaging social networks to increase HIV case finding among key populationsE-posterYoung key populations
EPD169 Health care practices of young people and adolescents using PrEP from the perspective of health providersE-posterYoung key populations
EPD170 Effect of community and facility-based care on viral load suppression among young women on ART in the Mulago Immune Suppression (ISS) clinicE-posterYoung key populations
EPD171 CHILL the series: engaging key populations through use of edutainment and digital mediaE-posterYoung key populations
EPD172 Future orientation protects against suicidal ideation among adolescents and young adults affected by perinatal HIVE-posterYoung key populations
EPD173 A moderated mediation model: does HIV status moderate the mediating role of coping between loneliness and depression among adolescents in India?E-posterYoung key populations
EPD174 Mobile technology access and use among youth in Nairobi, Kenya: implications for mobile health intervention designE-posterYoung key populations
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