PESUD29 'Coming out or not': sexual orientation disclosure, HIV testing, and homoprejudiced violence for MSM in ChinaPoster exhibitionSexual- and/or gender-based violence and exploitation (including in conflict settings)
PESUD30 Marijuana use goals, patterns, and perceptions of health impact among persons with HIV in care in the era of state-level legalizationPoster exhibitionHarm reduction
PESUD31 HIV remission trials with treatment interruption of fixed duration:Trial investigators' perceptions of strategies to mitigate HIV transmission riskPoster exhibitionHarm reduction
PESUD33 Addressing the unique needs of learners living with HIV in the education settingPoster exhibitionInterventions to reduce stigma and discrimination
PESUD34 Pathways from multiple stigmas to ART adherence among transgender women and men who have sex with men newly diagnosed with HIV in India: a prospective cohort studyPoster exhibitionInterventions to reduce stigma and discrimination
PESUD35 Racial residential segregation as a structural barrier to viral suppression among people living with HIV in Southern United States from 2013 to 2018: a county-level longitudinal studyPoster exhibitionConceptualizing social and structural factors and their impacts
PESUD36 Improving our understanding of how structural determinants impact HIV epidemics: a scoping review of dynamic models to guide future researchPoster exhibitionConceptualizing social and structural factors and their impacts
PESUD37 'Guys are different': young women's views on heterosexual relationship dynamics and how they influence women's potential PrEP uptake and disclosure in Durban, South AfricaPoster exhibitionDynamics of social status and power: Sex, gender, age, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation and disability
PESUD38 HIV testing experiences and priorities among refugee youth in a humanitarian setting in UgandaPoster exhibitionHumanitarian crises and HIV
PESUD39 Partner social support and sexual satisfaction buffer the effects of stigma on ART adherencein Malawian couplesPoster exhibitionSocietal stigma towards people living with HIV and key populations
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