EPA079 Maternal HIV status and risk of infant M. tuberculosis infectionE-posterHIV and co-infections (TB, viral hepatitis, SARS-CoV2, other)
EPA078 Role of PD-1, TIGIT and TIM3 on NK cell exhaustion and function in HIV/HCV coinfection, and the impact of HCV elimination in the long termE-posterHIV and co-infections (TB, viral hepatitis, SARS-CoV2, other)
EPA077 Active tuberculosis co-infection is associated with broad HIV-1 antibody responsesE-posterHIV and co-infections (TB, viral hepatitis, SARS-CoV2, other)
EPA075 What can we learn from the 2021 Aids Healthcare Foundation-Eswatini mortality profile after meeting the UNAIDS 95-95-95 target?E-posterHIV and co-morbidities
EPA074 Youth HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders: a longitudinal cohort studyE-posterHIV and co-morbidities
EPA073 MiRNAs as cardiovascular risk biomarkers in people living with HIV (PWH)E-posterHIV and co-morbidities
EPA072 Association of HIV viremia with pro-inflammatory fatty acid signatures in pregnancyE-posterHIV and co-morbidities
EPA071 Scaling-up HPV testing for cervical cancer screening in WLHIV in ZambiaE-posterHIV and co-morbidities
EPA070 High adaptive NK cell frequencies reduce the risk of developing coronary atherosclerotic plaque in cytomegalovirus infected people living with HIVE-posterHIV and co-morbidities
EPA069 Dual antiretroviral loaded nanoparticles for long-acting suppressive HIV therapyE-posterARVs, small molecules and immunomodulating agents - pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics
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