EPB012 "After viral load testing, I get to know which path my life is taking me': qualitative insights on routine and point-of-care viral load testing in western KenyaE-posterHIV testing, self-testing and retesting (e.g., point-of-care diagnostics)
OAD0202 "I feel that things are out oF my hands": the impact of the COVID-19 prevention measures on the lives of young people living with HIV (YPLHIV) in UgandaOral abstract session with live Q&ACOVID-19 social distancing and curfews: Implications for access to HIV care
EPD396 "It's better to die than take medication". A qualitative study exploring the drivers of HIV-stigma at a community-level and the outcomes for people living with HIV in ZimbabweE-posterSocietal stigma towards people living with HIV and key populations
EPD401 "People thought I had HIV": PrEP stigma among Latina immigrant transgender women in the Washington DC metropolitan areaE-posterSocietal stigma towards people living with HIV and key populations
EPF149 "RIPOSTE - the voice of key populations": towards a better valorization and recognition of the role and status of peer educators of key populationsE-posterPolicies supporting increased demand, uptake and retention of key populations for HIV services and programmes
EPF096 "Up Against the Wall: Art, Activism, and the AIDS Poster": Lessons and Inspiration from the 8000-strong (and growing!) collection of HIV/AIDS posters at the University of RochesterE-posterHuman rights programmes
PELBD01 #SafeHandsSafeHearts: a randomized waitlist-controlled trial of an eHealth intervention to increase COVID-19 knowledge and protective behaviors and reduce psychological distress among LGBTQ+ people in India and ThailandPoster exhibitionSocial and behavioural aspects and approaches to COVID-19
EPD366 #LiveAIDS ' online concert in memory of AIDS victims as a way to destroy myths among the livingE-posterMedia, cultural and religious representations of HIV and of key populations
EPD298 #SácateLaDuda: a transmedia strategy to promote the reduction of HIV stigma and discrimination through community interventions among MSME-posterInterventions to reduce stigma and discrimination
EPC187 #SummerFunCollab: engagement of online anonymized influencers in creating awareness and demand of HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis among high-risk men who have sex with men in the PhilippinesE-posterDemand creation for PrEP use
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