EPB232 In vitro evaluation of drug-loaded polymeric nanoparticles in the treatment of Human Immunodeficiency VirusE-posterCure interventions
PESUA18 In vivo and in vitro evidence for infection of naïve CD4 T cells with CCR5-tropic HIVPoster exhibitionIdentification, characterisation and Quantification of HIV/SIV reservoirs and rebounding virus
EPD429 'It's a 50/50 thing you know': exploring the multileveled intersections of gender and power within the relationships of young South African men and womenE-posterAdolescents, sexuality and relationships
EPD153 "The change was too sudden": Experiences of transition to adult care for adolescents living with HIV in North-Central and North-Western NigeriaE-posterYoung key populations
EPE154 "We used to fear going to clinics but now health services have been brought close to us" Perceptions and experiences of key populations in Zambian with access to community-based delivered PrEPE-posterDifferentiated service delivery for HIV testing, prevention and treatment
EPC274 "You never know with one's husband, so this is important": Preliminary hypothetical acceptability responses to the Dapivirine Vaginal Ring for HIV prevention among Latina community clinic attendeesE-posterSexuality, gender and prevention technologies (including condoms, treatment as prevention, medical male circumcision, pre-exposure prophylaxis)
EPD134 Cisnormativity is a structural barrier to HIV and STI testing for transgender men who have sex with men in Ontario, Canada: a community-based qualitative studyE-posterTransgender people
EPA065 Ex vivo HIV suppression in foreskin tissue after oral dosing of F/TDF and F/TAF in young African malesE-posterARVs, small molecules and immunomodulating agents - pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics
EPD272 'I feel they are left out of the discussion…' ' Perspectives of health practitioners on adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy among Persons with disabilities living with HIV in Nigeria using IntersectionalityE-posterIntersectional identities and multiple vulnerabilities to HIV and co-infections
EPF002 'I had a one-night stand and followed the law; it ruined my life.' Requirements to take reasonable precautions not an improvement on laws criminalising HIV non-disclosure: a case studyE-posterLaws and policies on HIV transmission, exposure, and non-disclosure
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