EPB051 Understanding unsuccessful direct-acting antiviral hepatitis C treatment among people living with HIV from the International Collaboration on Hepatitis C Elimination in HIV Cohorts (InCHECH)E-posterViral hepatitis C and other viral hepatitis (e.g., A, B, D, E)
EPD026 Understanding user engagement with an mHealth intervention supporting adolescents with HIV in South AfricaE-posterMixed methods, integrated approaches and synergies in HIV research and intervention
EPE328 Unique identifier codes to track AGYW across service providers for DREAMS programming in Malawi and ZimbabweE-posterInnovative approaches to track individuals
EPE283 Uniting civil society to improve accountability and accessibility of HIV and TB service delivery: lessons learned from year one of community-led monitoring implementation in UgandaE-posterCommunity participation in systems for health, including community-led and key population-led health systems
EPC248 Unmet service needs among PrEP-eligible MSM and TGW in THRIVE ' United States, 2015'2020E-posterHIV prevention services for key populations
EPE295 Unprecedented uptake and transition to generic pediatric dolutegravir in low- and middle-income countries enabled by early planning, comprehensive partner coordination, and ongoing community and national program engagementE-posterGetting policies into practice
PESUA25 Unvaccinated individuals admitted to the ICU due to fatal COVID-19 showed progressive decay of unresponsive cytotoxic cellsPoster exhibitionImmune responses to SARS-Cov2
PELBB02 Update on neural tube defects with antiretroviral exposure in the Tsepamo Study, BotswanaPoster exhibitionPregnancy (clinical management issues and pharmacokinetics) and contraception
EPF154 Upholding human rights and the rule of law during a pandemic - lessons from the judiciary in Africa's response to the COVID-19 pandemicE-posterCOVID-19 and politics, human rights, ethics or policy
EPC483 Uptake and barriers to COVID-19 vaccination in Thane, India: findings from a Community-Based SurveyE-posterCOVID-19 prevention
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