EPF070 Violence against key populations and people living with HIV in Benin: improved reporting and case-managementE-posterHuman rights of people living with HIV and key populations
PESAF11 Violence against people living with HIV in the context of Colombian armed conflict: findings from a report presented to the Colombian Truth CommissionPoster exhibitionPolitical violence and armed conflict
EPF123 Violence and harassment among the key population in NigeriaE-posterPunitive laws and enforcement practices directed at or impacting on key populations)
EPD381 Violence victimization among women by gender identity and HIV status in three multisite HIV cohorts in the United StatesE-posterSexual- and/or gender-based violence and exploitation (including in conflict settings)
EPA057 Viral genome-intactness bioinformatics for subtype A1 and D HIV-1E-posterIdentification, characterisation and Quantification of HIV/SIV reservoirs and rebounding virus
EPE179 Viral load outcomes and factors associated with viral suppression among HIV-positive patients receiving multi-month dispensing of antiretroviral drugs in the context of COVID-19 pandemic: experience from 7 states in NigeriaE-posterDifferentiated service delivery for HIV testing, prevention and treatment
EPB187 Viral load suppression after intensive adherence counselling among HIV infected adults at Kiswa health centre, Kampala: a retrospective cohort study. Secondary data analysisE-posterAdherence
EPC456 Viral sequence-based near real-time cluster monitoring of HIV-1 reveals the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on HIV testing in JapanE-posterEffects of the COVID-19 on HIV epidemiology and prevention
PESAB08 Viral suppression among adults with HIV receiving dolutegravir-based antiretroviral therapy and 3HP in Kampala, UgandaPoster exhibitionTuberculosis: Prevention, diagnosis, treatment
EPE171 Viral suppression levels among newly enrolled ART patients on multi-month dispensing of antiretroviral drugsE-posterDifferentiated service delivery for HIV testing, prevention and treatment
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