EPF030 Women´s r4ealities: addressing safety issues that women activists face in EECAE-posterChallenging criminalization/penal provisions relating to gender and sexual diversity as an impediment to the global HIV response
PEMOE32 Women's legal and economic empowerment project to improve HIV care and treatment outcomes: lessons from cross-border trading initiative in Northern Rwanda and Democratic Republic of CongoPoster exhibitionSocial protection: New evidence and programmatic lessons
PEMOF35 Working apart and together, across and between: lessons learned from an Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizational partnership in Indigenous harm reduction research during the COVID-19 pandemicPoster exhibitionEthical aspects and standards in research (including clinical trials)
OAD0105 Working with cultural leaders to create demand for HIV services: lessons from an engagement with Buganda Kingdom in Uganda in April 2020Oral abstract session with live Q&ACommunity mobilization and demand creation
EPD215 'Wumoja', an approach to increase sustainability in HIV prevention among children in primary schools in Nakivale refugee settlementsE-posterCommunity-based approaches (including empowerment, outreach and service delivery)
EPD495 'You can get that person on ART but you can't give them back their social system'. Qualitative insights of HIV voluntary assisted 'partner notification' in marginalized populationsE-posterPrevention interventions and their effects on the lives and relationships of people living with HIV
EPC278 'You tell him, 'Baby, I am protecting myself'': Women's agency and constraint in relationships, and the potential for PrEP use in the context of stigma in South AfricaE-posterSexuality, gender and prevention technologies (including condoms, treatment as prevention, medical male circumcision, pre-exposure prophylaxis)
EPD088 Young Female sex workers lived experience of selling sex and accessing HIV services in Tanzania: implications for sexual healthE-posterSex workers
PESAD05 Young Heroes Initiative ' High Five (YHI-HF): Creative Contributory Contest (CCC) and social innovation hackathon as an entry point in engaging adolescents for HIV and AIDSPoster exhibitionYoung key populations
OAD0605 Young key populations speak out! this is what we wantOral abstract session with live Q&AYoung key populations
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