EPLBB03 Cervical cancer screening outcomes among women living with HIV In MalawiE-posterOther non-communicable diseases
EPLBB04 Randomised study of switch toDTG/RPV in subjects with HIV RNA <50c/ml and archived K103N over 48 weeksE-posterRegimen simplification and switch studies
EPLBB05 Safety and effectiveness outcomes from the Carisel study: phase 3b hybrid-3 implementation study integrating cabotegravir + rilpivirine long-acting into European clinical settingsE-posterLong-acting agents and other drug delivery systems (e.g., injectables, implants, dual therapies, microneedle patches)
EPLBB06 Suboptimal lopinavir exposure in infants 1-12 months on rifampicin treatment receiving double-dosed or semi-superboosted lopinavir/ritonavir; results from the EMPIRICAL trialE-posterPharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics/pharmacogenomics and therapeutic drug monitoring in paediatric and adolescent populations
EPLBB07 A point-of-care triage test for HIV virological failure: filling the gaps in viral load coverageE-posterNovel approaches to assess viral load and ARV resistance/tropism
EPLBB08 Analytical treatment interruption (ATI) among African women with early ART initiation with or without VRC01 circulating at HIV acquisition: study design and early observations of viral rebound and controlE-posterCure interventions
EPLBB09 Risk factors and prognoses for low-level HIV-1 viremia: a long-time observational studyE-posterViral load and CD4 monitoring
EPLBC01 Mapping and estimating the size of virtual key populations: potential approachesE-posterSurveillance of HIV in key populations
EPLBC02 Opioid-agonist therapy in Ukraine has a large potential for expansion and demonstrates significant reduction of risky injection practices and overdose among people who inject opioid drugsE-posterHIV prevention services for key populations
EPLBC03 Jitegemee (rely on yourself): acceptability and feasibility of a personal savings intervention to reduce HIV risk among female sex workers in Kisumu and Siaya Counties, KenyaE-posterHIV prevention services for key populations
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