PEMOC47 Contrasting COVID-19 and AIDS orphanhood ' How can AIDS inform this urgent need?Poster exhibitionEpidemiology of COVID-19
PEMOC48 Trends in HIV viral load testing and viral suppression in US HIV cohort, 2017-2020Poster exhibitionEffects of the COVID-19 on HIV epidemiology and prevention
PEMOC49 Strategies to support effective use of the vaginal ring and oral PrEP among adolescent girls and young women in sub-Saharan Africa: qualitative findings from MTN-034/REACHPoster exhibitionMeasuring and enhancing retention and adherence in HIV prevention programmes
PEMOD51 HIV care continuum outcomes after transition from pediatric to adult carePoster exhibitionGrowing up with HIV: Specific needs and interventions for children and adolescents
PEMOD52 It's time to think positive about HIV ' a strengths-based campaign to end HIV stigma from New South Wales, AustraliaPoster exhibitionConfronting stigma: Lessons learned
PEMOD53 'My attitude towards my own journey changed the way others see me and treat me': insights from male peers living with HIV on challenging and changing stigmaPoster exhibitionConfronting stigma: Lessons learned
PEMOD54 'I am a rural woman and living with HIV, how bad can it get?' Exploring the challenges of women living with HIV and AIDS on rural GhanaPoster exhibitionConfronting stigma: Lessons learned
PEMOD55 Acceptability of raltegravir granule use for neonates diagnosed with HIV at birth by healthcare workers and caregivers in Zimbabwe: A qualitative analysisPoster exhibitionExperiences and impacts of antiretroviral therapy
PEMOD56 Risk, vulnerability, and protective factors for HIV and STI infection among adolescent girls and young women in West and Central Africa: pooled analysis of available Demographic and Health survey dataPoster exhibitionConceptualizing social and structural factors and their impacts
PEMOD57 How can text-messaging change the context of living with HIV and engaging with treatment in Iran: building a realist programme theoryPoster exhibitionConceptualizing social and structural factors and their impacts
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