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Biomedical prevention interventions have helped prevent new HIV acquisitions and are saving lives. However, the decline in HIV incidence has been far from meeting the 90-90-90 UNAIDS targets. A safe and globally effective HIV vaccine remains a necessity to achieve durable control and an end to the HIV epidemic. To develop such a vaccine, a renewed contribution from and participation by the pharmaceutical industry is necessary. The unprecedented success of research and development (R&D) for COVID-19 vaccines has shown that the pharmaceutical industry, in partnership with public research institutions, can deliver on a global public health challenge in record time. As the field of vaccinology moves beyond the acute response to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is an immediate need to recover momentum in HIV vaccine R&D by ensuring that it has the maximum interest, engagement and investment from the biopharmaceutical industry. This satellite will discuss barriers to industry involvement in HIV vaccine R&D, including recommendations for activating and optimizing industry participation in R&D. The event will also be an opportunity to launch the IAS Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise Industry Partnership, a multi-stakeholder group aiming to support industry's contribution to HIV vaccine R&D by addressing and minimizing barriers to engagement.

2 min
Introduction and welcome
Carey HWANG, Vir Biotechnology, United States
10 min
Role of the pharmaceutical industry in HIV prevention and vaccine research - A researcher's perspective
Linda-Gail BEKKER, South Africa
10 min
Importance of community engagement with the pharmaceutical industry for HIV prevention research - A community perspective
Maureen LUBA, AVAC, Malawi
10 min
What does a successful public-private partnership for HIV vaccine R&D look like?
Dan BAROUCH, Center for Virology and Vaccine Research, BIDMC, United States
15 min
IAS Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise Industry Partnership launch
Birgit PONIATOWSKI, International AIDS Society, Switzerland
40 min
Panel discussion
Shan LU, UMASS Medical School, United States
Linda-Gail BEKKER, South Africa
Carey HWANG, Vir Biotechnology, United States
Maureen LUBA, AVAC, Malawi
Valerie ORIOL MATHIEU, Janssen Vaccines & Prevention B.V., France
Jan VAN LUNZEN, Germany
Birgit PONIATOWSKI, International AIDS Society, Switzerland
3 min
Linda-Gail BEKKER, South Africa