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Person-centered HIV services integrated within public and private sector primary health care (PHC) provide a critical strategy for sustained services as part of national health programs and 2030 universal health coverage (UHC) goals. Recent studies and real-world implementation have found HIV and PHC service uptake, treatment continuation, improved individual health outcomes and service delivery cost-efficiencies associated with integrated person-centered care (PCC). However, integrated PCC can be nebulous, with models and service delivery packages varying based on population needs and preferences. This session will feature real-world experiences of delivering integrated PCC designed to meet the unique needs of distinct client populations. Participants will hear firsthand how PCC shapes clients' care experience, as well as from the perspectives of providers, implementing partners, policymakers and donors on how and why integrated person-centered care advances local and global HIV, PHC and UHC goals. This session will be suitable for health providers, program managers, implementers, civil society organizations, community monitoring groups, client advocates, private sector partners, and policymakers.

5 min
Opening: Introduce session topic, format, objectives, introduce panelists
Katya GAMAZINA, PATH, Ukraine
Kate ONYEJEKWE, John Snow Research And Training Inc, United States
10 min
Why integrated person-centered HIV PHC?
Meg DOHERTY, World Health Organization, Switzerland
14 min
Video: Client, policymaker, and provider share their experience and perspective on PCC Assessing facility-based HIV care in Sub-Saharan Africa
Henry NAGAI, JSI Research and Training Institute, Inc., Ghana
7 min
Real world impact of integrated person-centered HIV primary health care: better uptake, retention and health outcomes across 4 countries
Davina CANAGASABEY, PATH, United States
19 min
Panel discussion: Pragmatic ways to advance integrated person-centered HIV PHC
Rena JANAMNUAYSOOK, Institute of HIV Research and Innovation, Thailand
Katya GAMAZINA, PATH, Ukraine
Mpolokeng Gladys MOHLOAI, mothers2mothers, Lesotho
Robert FERRIS, US Agency for International Development, United States
5 min
Conclusion and call to action
Katya GAMAZINA, PATH, Ukraine
Kate ONYEJEKWE, John Snow Research And Training Inc, United States